Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Have Ourselves a New President

The race was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I knew the chances of McCain winning were basically slim to none, but what I was hoping was that he didn't get a whomping on the popular vote. Obviously the Elector votes show a whomping which he did indeed receive, but at least almost 1/2 of America voted for McCain and that makes me feel a little better.
Even with the election of a new lefty President, I still think our country is a center-right country.
So what are my views? What do I think we are up against?

I'm not really that concerned on an immediate basis. President's, especially Presidents like Obama, are more figure heads than anything else. He doesn't have the experience needed to do anything really stupid in his first few years. All eyes are going to be watching him, and he knows that and doesn't want the fickle masses of the American people to turn on him quickly.
The bigger issue is in the fact that we now have a pretty significant Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate. That allows him a fair bit of leverage to get the things passed that he wants to get passed...
Before anyone starts ranting about all things liberal and the demise of our country...please note that these guys in DC are going to be working VERY hard to stay in the middle for the next few years. Yes they'll have their policies such as tax reform and the War in Iraq that won't always set well with Republicans, but since the Democrats are now fully in power they are going to be treading pretty lightly in order to not hang themselves with all the rope they just won.They don't want to just be in power for the next few years, they want to be there for awhile, so they are going to be sure to keep the conservatives at least a little satiated. They aren't going to want to do anything that will cause an outcry of the American people which would cause the balance to shift in 2 years when we have another congressional election.

The immediate measures that I forsee President-Elect Obama instituting will probably be in the form of some sort of "emergency" funding for the middle class. Some sort of surplus check like we all got this summer. Most everyone will benefit from that! (being positive here).
One thing that you have to keep in mind is that all of this stuff that he wants to do, there is no way he can do it all (neither could McCain). To do everything he has promised would contridict his other promise of lowering our national debt. Because you see big government that helps us with everything costs lots of money, which is why to do things he wants, taxes will indeed have to be raised at some point... Politicians promise the world and then they get elected and figure out which things they can actually do after the fact. He'll focus on the economy first and then depending on how that all works out will be how he structures the rest.

When I will become concerned is during appointment of Supreme Court Justices and the actual wording of his economy legislation. Also with his relations with Israel... but guys. It's all going to be ok.

You have to just rest in the fact that you voted the way you voted and the democracy/republic that we live in chose a President. Not all of us will agree, but that doesn't mean we need to disrepect our new President. No one needs to go on and on about how he is the anti-christ and all of that other crap. It honestly just makes you sound a little crazy.

I think time will tell as with any President. We can only hope and pray that he does what is best for our country. We have to give him the benefit of the doubt and just pray that God's will continues to be done in this country.

Taking all his ideological beliefs out of the equation, it is pretty amazing that 50 years after the civil rights movement, we as a country have overwhelmingly voted in the first African American president. That's amazing and shows how far we have come as a country!

So instead of focusing on how many bad things he COULD do for our country, I'm going to sit back and watch. Like I said, only time will tell... but I am going to practice what I preach and you won't hear me bashing him.

So anyways, I don't really have anything else to say because anything we say about his future policy choices are just going to be conjecture as he's not even in office. We'll talk again after he's given his first State of the Union Address.

So...we have a new President!


Alecia said...

Good post. I'm curious and was all night last night. Can someone explain to me why they do electoral instead of people votes? If everybodies vote truely counted, I think more people would have voted. Just curious.

Pipers Mom said...

Good for you Des, I will follow suit. Tired of hearing all the "doom and gloom" from some christians.
God is still on His throne. said...

I really believe and agree with you 100%, great post.

Des said...

Alecia: this is a really general explanation, but it's all about checks and balances. When the nation was formed, the founding fathers realized that the masses sometimes are swayed too easily by tyrannical leaders (aka Hitler types). So to try and make sure that didn't happen in the US, they set up the three different branches of government which all have oversight over eachother. They also do this with the election of the president. Basically it's sort of like So You Think You Can Dance. America picks who they want and then the judges have the final say. Well the American people vote for who they want to be president. Then there is an electoral college made up of "elite" people who, in the founding father's minds, has a better idea of what the candidate's character and ideology really is. They have the power to trump the American people's vote. However, that's just in theory. The electors from each state (which equal the number of representatives each state has in congress) always votes for what the popular vote of their state is. So in effect, we do elect the President because our Electors in our states respect the wishes of the people from their state. However, in theory, they could vote for whoever they want (although I think that's only happened like once or twice). Our country isn't a true Democracy, but more like a Republic. That's why certain states are more important than others because they have more electoral votes there (aka a big population) so how that state votes has more weight. That's also why McCain only lost by less than 10%, but really lost by almost 200 electoral votes (which is huge).
Anyways, you can read more on the fabulous Wikipedia here:

Brandie King said...

Well, I am one of the Christians that is very saddened by the state of our newly elected President. I think you are right in that they are going to be careful. But I don't think he will really do anything beneficial when he is in office (of course I may be wrong here). I am a Christian that sees this as "doom and gloom" and only am finding hope in the fact that God is still God and when I'm doing my part God is going to do His so I don't have to worry. BUt what saddens me the most is that he actually was voted in by the people becuase that's how much I don't think he's good for our country.

I'm not sure if you read my blog that explains why I could have never voted for him and I don't mean it in a disrespectful way, just in a "stating the fact" sort of way. I also agree that we shouldn't disrespect him and we should be praying for wisdom in all the decisions that he makes. But then again that is just what God has called us to do!!

Thanks for posting this

Des said...

I didn't read your blog, but I think we all know that I have stated reason after reason why I couldn't vote for him... and I don't think it's bad that you are upset that he is elected. So you don't need to apologize for feeling all doom and gloom... it's a blow for conservatives, but it happened. I was just stating that there is no use ranting and raving (not saying you were at ALL) because there isn't anything we can do about it now. We just need to be watchmen on the walls and do our jobs and pray for wisdom and the presence of God to reign. We did our job of voting for who we felt we were supposed to and now our job is to pray for our new President.

bullets said...

one thing is for certain whoever is president has his work cut out for him.

racheljenae said...

I agree!
Des you should check out this video... i think you would really like it! It blew my mind! All on countries money system.

Go to youtube and type in 'Money as debt' its incredible and simple!

Brad Shull said...

this might help too Alecia:

You have no idea how good this is for everyone to read!

Thanks Destiny!

Pipers Mom said...

I totally used the same picture on my blog....ooops sorry, I didn't remeber you used it. not trying to theive from you. :)

Lolly said...

I love this blog! I think it's my favorite now. And what I have to say glad it's over, so glad it's over, so glad it's over! I worked the election poll yesterday and I was sooo very proud of all the young people I was able to serve! It did my heart good even though I know not how they voted.

Alecia said...

Thanks Destiny. Thanks Brad.

Courtney said...

Great Job Des! I agree 150%! Yay!! IT'S OVER!!!!!! It shows the strength of our country. We are ever changing and I think that's a good thing(being positive too). I like that we are putting into practice what we preach. That we are a Nation where everyone has a shot at there dreams. Love you!

Riley said...

I take exception to 3 things:
1. People who claimed Christ was the Son of God sounded a little crazy, but any Christian will tell you they were right. I'm not saying that Obama is or is not the anti-Christ, but sounding crazy shouldn't be the deciding factor.

2. I wouldn't say 'overwhelmingly' elected Obama.

3. I don't think a black president shows progress in destroying racial tensions or anything of the sort. Most of the people I have talked to have heard overwhelmingly that people here in Grand Prairie voted for him simply BECAUSE he is black, which is JUST AS BAD as voting for Joe the Plumber because he is not black. I wish I could agree that we are getting rid of racism, but instead I just think the tide has turned and now it is the blacks who discriminate.

Having said all of that, I pray for God's hand on Barack and wisdom in how to rule. I pray for the safety of all of our leaders and wouldbe leaders and their families. And most of all I pray that Obama does not get assasinated, because the international gaffes that Biden would make would be severe if history serves as any indication.

The best thing I think we can do is not to sit back and watch, but rather to lift our voices in prayer and worship and acknowledge that God is God. Obama is not God and I don't look to him for my provision. This is just as much a time to stand for what is right as any. We just may do it in our homes instead of the polling booths.

Riley said...

One other thought for Alecia....

States Rights.
The founding fathers didn't want a big national government. They set America up to have strong state governments and a national government as a coalition to manage the military and interstate commerce. One type of money and one postal system makes a lot of problems go away.

So if you want sovereignty of state, then only the states get to vote, and the electoral congress is the enactment of the state voting. To give 'fairness', they used a system that would still give very small states some votes, but also respect the population as a whole by giving more populous states more votes.

As fascinating as this is to me, I am more fascinated that such a small percentage of Americans seemed to understand that this even existed a few years ago!

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